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Byproducts from fish

Fish byproducts come from fishing, fish-processing companies and discards. In fishing, discards are also referred to as “unwanted by-catch”, and are therefore often regarded as unsuitable for use. Fish Value sees to it that the residual products from fish and these discards are processed in a sustainable way. The options for the use and reuse of fish byproducts, other than the production of fish meal and fish oil, are currently still insufficiently being exploited, which makes the development of new circular raw byproducts even more pertinent. 


Products that were previously only used for animal feed can now be made suitable for human consumption, cosmetics and medicines. Fish Value mainly focuses on the technological applications that facilitate this, after which it brings together the appropriate markets. Together with our international partners, we are working on the development of these technologies. In doing so, Fish Value never ceases to focus on product quality and the sustainable application of the new raw materials.

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