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Geert Jan Pastoor

Geert Jan Pastoor founded Pastoor Consult in 2005. Pastoor Consult is a specialist and authority in the area of sustainable energy and circular raw materials. Fish Value was set up in 2019 from that enterprise. Geert Jan Pastoor is the owner and executive director of both Pastoor Consult and Fish Value.


Geert Jan is hugely interested in sustainable energy and circular raw materials. His background in agriculture, horticulture, business economics and environmental management drives him in his daily work and makes him a passionate professional. Having worked for companies such as the farming cooperative Agrifirm NV, NV Vuilafvoer Maatschappij VAM, Essent Milieu, EEW and the HVC group, it is the enterprising spirit of Geert Jan that drives his constant commitment to achieve more in the circular energy market and the innovative applications of sustainable raw materials.


Geert Jan Pastoor is characterised by his resilience, accessibility, transparency and reliability.


Geert Jan Pastoor


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