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Fatty acids in fish oil for animal consumption

Fish oil is used, among other things, as a raw material for animal food. Fish oil must be used in feed because of the EPA and DHA fatty acids that are present in the oil. These fatty acids do not occur in plant-based aquafeed, which is increasingly used instead of animal aquafeed. As plant-based food does not have the correct fatty acid content, farmed fish, for example, does not get the essential required fatty acids. Fish Value ensures that it finds the right suppliers of these essential fatty acids, enabling it to supply animal feed producers with the correct quality products. For example, we are developing a new ingredient for animal consumption, in association with a vet and a supplier of dog and cat food. The newly developed final product contains fish oil with a higher fatty acid content than the usual salmon oil.


Salmon skin converted into leather

Many fish varieties are grown for consumption. Fish skin is one of the residual products after fish has been filleted.This residual product from the fishing industry can be sustainably processed for other purposes. Salmon skin can be used as fish leather, and the possibilities for its application as such in the leather industry are endless. Fish Value transports salmon leather from Europe to buyers in other parts of Europe, who give the skin a second life. It is made into bags, shoes or leather for the furniture industry. We see ourselves as preservers of the new raw materials, and on the basis of that ambition we contribute to the circularity of residuals from fish.


Demand and supply of fish protein

Fish is a high-quality source of protein. Depending on the type of fish, fish contains about 18% proteins on average. Fish proteins have a high digestibility for human consumption, which is why fish is popular with people following a protein-rich diet. And this not only applies to the edible parts of fish, but also to those of crustaceans and shellfish. By using the strength of its European network, Fish Value brings together fish proteins supply and demand. We will link a supplier of dried soluble fish protein powders (SPH90) and fish bone powder (35% protein powder) to the appropriate buyer.

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