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Fresh unrefined salmon oil

OmeGo® has a full spectrum of omega fatty acids, including EPA, DHA and DPA, totaling 21 different fatty acids. Offering benefits for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular function, OmeGo® can be used in soft gel capsules and other formats.

Product name:



Fat content:

More than 99.1 %


Less than 0.9 %


Less than 1 %

Unrefined salmon oil

Our gentle process liberates the fat with all its valuable components intact. Not only do we preserve 21 fatty acids, but also antioxidant, lipo-peptides and other micro metabolites. These components contributes to our oils unique properties that enables benefits for possible asthma and Covid-19 treatment.


OmeGo® provides all the benefits of fresh fish, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is a very stable, natural product with four years of shelf life.

Fresh with very low oxidation levels, its natural form means it’s more easily absorbed than commercial fish oils and contains minimal amount free of fatty acids (0.1 %-0.2 %). Our process allows for full separation of the raw materials at low temperatures, thus avoiding oxidation, and separates all the fat from the protein into oil ingredients.

HBC has a patented data claim for the reduction of a highly inflammatory form of “bad cholesterol” (ox-LDL GP1), that promotes narrowing of the arteries (atherogenesis).


OmeGo® safeguards all the natural fractions contained in fresh fish. The benefits of natural fish oil include heart, cognitive, eye and joint health.

OmeGo® reduces cardiovascular risk. Studies conducted by HBC show OmeGo® reduced serum concentration levels of an independent biomarker of cardiovascular risk, oxLDL-GP, through its anti-oxidation effects from non 18/12 fractions within the natural oil and hence the ability for OmeGo® to reduce oxLDL-GP to a far greater extent that other fish oils (up to 4.7 times reduction with OmeGo®).


OmeGo® can be used in the following applications:

  • Bars

  • Gels

  • Gummies

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Pet Food

  • RTD’s

  • Sports powders

* Registered Trademarks owned by Hofseth Biocare ASA, represented as an agent by FishValue

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