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Options and applications

Residues from fish are a valuable commodity. These raw material sources are still being underutilised, but there are many options. Fish Value focuses on the correct use after processing byproducts from fish. The raw materials from fish we work with are fish oil, fish meal, fish skins, Omega 3, 6 and 9, collagen and proteins.


Many of these products, such as fish oil and fish meal, are used as a raw material source for animal feed, but use for human consumption is also being expanded. For example, fish skin can serve as an eco-friendly product in the leather industry and fish collagen can be taken and used to benefit our health. It occurs, for instance, in facial creams.  


Fish Value aims for innovation within existing technologies and applications of the raw materials from fish byproducts that are still unknown. The sustainable and circular processing of these products is our priority. 

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